Central Arts District: What’s in a name?

Believe it or not, we here in the Central Arts District haven’t been the Central Arts District for very long. In fact, we’ve only been this district since May of 2014 when 11 large arts organizations came up with that name and the geographical location that defines us. Those 11 players were the Heard Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Opera, Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Playhouse on the Park, Phoenix Community Alliance, Arizona School for the Arts, Hance Park Conservancy and Metro Arts Institute high school, and the 24-story Central Arts Plaza. Our boundaries are from 7th Street (east) to 7th Avenue (west) west, and from Virginia Avenue (north) to Roosevelt Street (south).

There are quite a few names given to the districts down here in central Phoenix. RooseveltRow.org, calls this neighborhood the Roosevelt Row Arts District, or RoRo, but their definition of territory is a little different. They draw the map from 7th Avenue on the west, to 16th Avenue on the east, and they extend from Willetta in the north to Fillmore in the south. So it’s a little larger, and thankfully includes the wonderful Alwun House, up on 12th and Roosevelt. (see http://www.rooseveltrow.org/about/roosevelt-row-arts-district/.)

According to Artlinks Phoenix ( http://artlinkphoenix.com/districts/) downtown Phoenix is composed of three districts–The Warehouse District, Historic Grande Avenue, and the Central Arts District. Somehow by their definition, RoRo is sort of left out altogether.

Whatever the case may be, many of us here at the Warehouse 1005 have been calling where we are The Central Arts District for many years. And we know where we are: smack-dab in the beating heart of the art venues of Phoenix, with the light-rail on Central Avenue running strait through the middle.

It may interest you to know, and it certainly interests me to know, that the 11 arts venues who created this district in 2014 actually own the domain name: Central Arts District .com. That means I can never create an address by that name. Now currently, as you know my address is: CentralArtsDistrictBlog.wordpress.com. But I’d like to pay for the site, which gives me the option to drop wordpress, so I’d just be CentralArtsDistrictBlog.com. Would that be too close to the already owned domain name? I’m going to call the 11 players this week and get their opinions and feedback. In the mean time, what do you think?


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