Ginny Zelov has a famous back yard. She and her husband Art’s mosaic garden art has been featured by the HGTV back in 2006, and more recently the Arizona Republic, and Phoenix Home and Garden. Pinterest has a whole page devoted to it , and some call it “Yart,” short for Yard Art.

Literally hundreds of charming mosaics made of glass, mirrors, rocks, jewelry, beads, and tile adorn the garden. Over the past decade, the pair have made wall murals, an assortment of garden statues, hanging ornaments, planters, and just about anything else that could be covered in mosaics. They saved broken plates, and purchased at yard sales various odd pieces to cover in mosaic.

Their website, displays their work.


Outdoor settee made of a converted bathtub.

cactus-and-mosaicsGarden mosaic sculptures among cacti.


Mexican Church Mosaic

The two began making mosaics after returning from Pompii in 2005. They were both impressed by a 2000 year old sign they saw on a house, still-intact, that depicted a fierce dog on a leash and cautioned “cave canem”, or “beware of the dog”. Mosaics last forever, Art thought, and began by learning mosaics over the internet. Ginny joined him later. Art then decided to turn the yard into a gallery, but it spilled over into the house, and their home is now is a tribute to the art of mosaics.

Today, Ginny also sent me some new photographs of her recent work.


Decorative mosaic teapot.


This delightful mirror is only $125.00, as the sign says.


The couple started teaching mosaics in 2008 and have trained over 100 students. Although Art recently passed, Ginny continues to teach and offers a number of mosaics workshops, all ranging between $30 and $75. Her class offerings can be viewed at:

A recent table top Ginny made.


Ginny even made this flashy mirrored mosaic purse.


Ginny can be reached at:, or by calling (480) 991-9608.

Follow her on Facebook at:


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