Recycled Art: My Own Paper Collages

Although I started this blog to draw attention to other Arizona artists and artisans, today I’d like to show off some of my own recycled art. I do a lot of collages, many of which are made of papers I deliberately paint and tear just for the purpose. But there are some collages I make JUST to use up my left-over papers and ribbons from other projects.

I used to throw away these small bits and pieces, because they weren’t large enough to do anything with. A while back, I decided to throw them all into a box instead. As you can see below, storing the scraps instead of throwing them was a judicious idea. All of these collages are matted for 16×20 frames.


Psychic Eye, made to celebrate my investigations into my own psyche, even has a Green Ribbon (meaning growth), instead of a blue ribbon, on the side there. It is made of unused papers from other projects, and cut up prints I no longer wanted to sell. $85.


Green Hamsa has some really small pieces I’d never have found a use for unless I patched the piece the way I did. Those pieces make a nice watery background. $100.


Save the Bees comes from what was left of my rice paper (for the wings), an old border I made over a decade ago, and a bunch of paper I had no other use for. $100.


Hummingbird is also made from scraps I didn’t need, including a monoprint that just got really messed up as it got printed, and I had to paint over to save. $95.

In conclusions, since paper scraps don’t really take up that much room, consider saving your throw-away scraps too!


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