Healing the Soul: The Spiritual Art of Jessica Speer

Since December is a spiritual month, I began to search for an artist who expresses the deeper meanings of the soul, and came across Jessica Speer.

When I first saw Jessica’s art it looked inspired by the soul, and reading her Bio, I realized my first impression was right.  Her purpose in creating L.B. Paintings, the name she uses as an artist, is to form a deeper spiritual bond and to help others do the same.  Although she is inspired by The Holy Spirit she says, she hopes to reach across all races and creeds to help others to inspire and heal the spirit.  As you can see below her acrylic paintings speak to the unconscious mind, and the need to delve at it’s deepest levels levels to uncover what lies beneath.


. Cave of Subconsciousness


Spirit Portal


Vital Impetus

Jessica Speer cover Saved.jpg


Jessica enjoys doing commissioned work, and says she is very happy to work with your budget. Her paintings are reasonably priced.

You can visit Jessica Speer, L.B. Paintings, at Scottsdale’s Thursday Art Walks (7:00-9:00 p.m.) at her home gallery, V. Tixi Gallery at Marshall Square, 7077 E. Main Street Suite #13, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Phone: 773-829-6231.

You can also find out more about L.B. Paintings and contact Jessica at:




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