Tania Bolin


Native Yuma  artist Tania Bolin, is inspired by and paints the Arizona desert boldly.  According to her biography, she uses “vibrant colors, contrasting shapes, and bold compositions” Her pieces are dramatic.

Currently Tania is showing at Easy Street Galleria in Carefree. She told me  she would also like to show in Phoenix, and I told her my Central Arts District Blog might be a start!

She is highly regarded as an up and coming artist in Yuma. In October 2015, Tania received the Helios Award. This recognition is given to someone who is new in the arts scene and who illustrates an exceptional aspiration to be an advocate of the Arts in Yuma. Also in 2015, her work “dreamy dragonfly,” representing the City of Yuma, toured the State of Arizona in the Southwest Art show.

She has been busy she says.

I have won awards for my work and the presentation of it during ArtBeat in Yuma, Arizona. I am involved in two Artists groups… Mountain Shadows Artists Association in Yuma and North End Artists Co-Op. I will also be curating my second Annual Art and Poetry Exhibition at the Foothills Library with the help of the Librarian. I teach Art Classes at the Foothills Library.

Carefree Shows

This is a booth from the Thunderbird Artists – 23rd Annual Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival In Carefree, Arizona. It was a juried show.


And this is a wall showing Tania’s works at Easy Street Galleria in Carefree, Arizona

tonia bolin birds and others.jpg

And here are three photos of artwork she has displayed at Easy Street at the moment.



Vibrant Emergence 


Flora Radiant

Here are a few pieces I found delightful, but there are many more on her sites.


Electric Halo


Gift to Breast Cancer, donated to Bridges Gift of  Yuma


Luna Sphinx


Queen Arizona III

Resilience Series 

As a naturalist, Tania cherishes our endangered environment, and the three pieces below represent her concerns. She created the Resilience Series was to bring attention to the devastation of our oceans. She writes that her tryptych Past, Present, Future, is a

depiction of the devastation occurring in our oceans most bio-diverse ecosystems, the coral reefs.  Coral being the backbone of the ecosystem is idolized in the piece representing the heart of the ecosystem appears in each of three panels.  The coral is symbolic of the human heart and resembles the shape of the human heart.  As the heart is vital to human life so the coral is vital to existence to thousands of species.



Life of Death

tania sea scene.jpg


She has made a number of videos showing you how she creates her artwork, and here’s one she’s made about the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf: https://www.facebook.com/taniabolin/videos/vb.579457588822754/838016112966899/?type=2&theater.

Just in time for the Christmas season, visit Tania Bolin’s online shop where you can purchase very reasonably priced Fine Art Prints at: http://www.taniabolin.com/shop. And when I say “reasonable” I mean $12 prints, and matted prints for around $30.

Tania’s gallery, Easy Street Galleria is located in Carefree at Sundial Plaza, 100 Easy Street. Telephone: 1.630.336.1300.  The Galleria’s website is: http://www.easystreetgalleria.com/.

You can also contact Tania via her website, http://www.taniabolin.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/taniabolin/?fref=ts.

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