Explore Art Classes!

Now I know that you all have some Christmas money you want to put to good use. Skip the fancy dinners, new shoes and video games, and put that money to work for you… Explore something new!


This is the place to go for adult art classes in the Central Arts District.  The center employs some of the most talented and recognized artists in Phoenix. Classes are taught in ceramics, dance, glass, metals and jewelry, mosaics, music, painting and drawing, photography, print-making, writing, and they even teach a class called Art of the Self, which involves numerous expressive art therapies. Because these classes are designed for adults, the Center offers morning, afternoon and evening classes.

I am highlighting only a few of the Center’s acclaimed teachers, who have a superb web presence so you can get an idea of the talent behind the staff.

Now when I tell you Phoenix Center for the Arts has some fabulous teachers, I’m not exaggerating. This Christmas, I was in Scottsdale, and happened upon Ingrid Donaldson’s fabulous Blink Gallery, located at 7077 East Main St. Ingrid teaches fused glass and jewelry making at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. She also offers jewelry classes at her studio in Scottsdale and teaches at Scottsdale Community College.

You can now register right now for her Glass Fusing class, starting on February 10th. There wide range of glass classes starting this spring semester, with a host of talented teachers.

Along with John Tzelepis, another talented Jeweler here in Phoenix , Ingrid will also be teaching Filigree and Granulation this spring. John’s classes begin on January 9th, and he has quite a few offerings.

Anne Rasmussen of West End Galleries, will begin her ceramics workshop on January 11th. Again, she is one of many talented staff members, including Char Applen, Pam Harrison, and of course, Don Ridley, a Center former resident artist.

David Jarvinen, of The Mosaic Guys whom I also met at The Phoenix Arts Festival this Christmas season, is teaching a host of really interesting mosaic classes, beginning January 12th.

Now I’ve introduced you to a just few brilliant artisan teachers this week, and a great way to spend those Christmas visa gifts! In the future, I hope to introduce you to other talented artists teaching at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.


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