Dorota Lagida-Ostling


By Ione Lewis and Dorota Ostling

Dorota Lagida-Ostling’s Interactive is opening at Tixi Gallery this Thursday, February 9th, 7:00 p.m. This is Dorota’s first studio sponsored solo show since moving to Phoenix less than a year ago. Artist, illustrator and teacher, Dorota’s artwork has been seen all over the world.


Again, What You Are Looking For Is Not There,  Acrylic, 24×18

Dorota’s art career is broad indeed. Born in Warsaw, Poland, she received her Master’s degree at the National Academy of Fine Arts, with a major in ceramics.  Most of her career though, has been spent illustrating Children’s Books in Poland, Canada and the United States.  As Dorota has raised three sons, children’s books inspire her.

Since moving to Arizona last year from Australia, Dorota has devoted her time to painting, photography, writing and designing a series of picture books for children in her native Polish language.

Are you curious about those children’s book illustrations?  Well, this post focuses on her current show, and not her expansive art career as a whole.  I will tell you in advance however, that Dorota will be our Featured Artist for May 2017, where you will have an opportunity to see her many wonderful children’s book illustrations.


“The exhibition unfolds in two different areas – the first I call Narratives, and within that I’ll show a number of partly abstract, partly figurative paintings, inspired by intuition and imagination, though the figurative part is just a hint of representation. The interpretation of these paintings is left to the viewer, but they have titles for some guidance.


Are You Still Waiting? Acrylic on Panel, 8×8


A Visit, Acrylic on Panel, 10×10


About the Beach, Mixed Media on Panel, 8×8

The second part illustrates a vision which is very close to my heart and is based on the premise that beauty and art are everywhere, all around us and always in the eye of the beholder. If you relax and then refocus in a certain way, you can capture amazing bits everywhere – from the beautiful, to mysterious, to dark, to dramatic and even scary. I think my background in children’s illustration made me very sensitive to this special kind of approach.

The first stage of my process is what I like to call image hunt.

I start with a large surface, usually very big piece of white or brown paper, where I pour, paste, smudge and smear with my hands different colors of acrylic paint.  This part of the process is random and mechanical, but I relay on my intuition and years of artistic practice and knowledge.  I try to keep my mind out of it though, as I want to uncover treasures regardless circumstances, like right color of composition.  I don’t want to control too much how the paper is painted.

The next step is what is exciting.  I take my viewfinder (two pieces of cardboard shaped like letter L) and look at this big stretch of colorful mess through a little window.  I see amazing things through this window !!  Here are examples:



The pieces I like best, I frame with a pencil and then cut them out and glue to a piece of board.  They are often almost ready paintings.  Sometimes I leave them untouched, other times I add some color, some pastel work or charcoal to better the effect.”

Here are the details for Dorota’s  Interactive: 


Contact Information

For V. Tixi Gallery , go HERE.

To see Dorota’s Website and contact her, go to:



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