My Solo Show: “Healing Waves”

Photograph courtesy of Marcia Droz
By Ione Lewis

I’m about to hang my last Solo Show at Warehouse 1005 before I graduate! I’ve had two previous shows, The Art of Healing at Art Awakenings in 2013, and last year, Embracing the Child, at Warehouse 1005. I graduate in May. I will be hanging this show, Healing Waves, this Friday, in preparation for Third Friday and next weekend’s Art Detour.

Healing Waves Opening Reception, Third Friday, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Warehouse 1005, 1005 North First Street, Phoenix 

Also, Art Detour’s Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Closing Reception, First Friday, April 7th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

I am a new Fine Artist. I graduated The Art Center of Tucson with an Advertising Art degree in 1997, and worked professionally as a graphic artist for newspapers and journals in Tucson and the Washington DC area until I became ill. After becoming disabled, I was fortunate enough to join PSA’s Art Awakenings program, and has studio’s located on First and Second Streets, off Roosevelt. I’ve been there for almost 6 years.

Previous PSA Solo Shows

This piece which many of you know from my Facebook page is the signature piece from the Art of Healing, October 2013.


For my second solo show in May 2016, Embracing the Child, I produced these two acrylic pieces, among many others:

PSA’s Art Awakenings

Currently at the Warehouse 1005, I do a lot of personal art therapy to help in the healing process. As a brittle diabetic, I went into one to many diabetic comas due to low blood-sugars, and those comas caused brain damage.  In 2007, I became eligible for the Behavioral Health system here in Arizona, of which PSA is a part. PSA’s slogan on our mural wall at 1014 North Second Street says, “Art Saves Lives” and that is what my studio is all about:  enabling disabled people within the behavioral health system in Arizona to heal. There are many Art Awakenings studios throughout Arizona, with locations in Phoenix, Northwest Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Yuma, Parker, Bisbee, Casa Grande and Douglas. The Warehouse 1005 is the “graduate program” offered in Maricopa County for Art Awakenings. While Art Awakenings focuses on art therapy to enable the healing process, the Warehouse 1005 focuses on portfolio preparation, developing professional skills, and learning how to market yourself as an artist, in spite of your disabilities. This Central Arts District Blog that I’ve created over the past few months actually came into being as part of my “marketing program” which I developed with Julie Huffman, the Director of Warehouse 1005.

Healing Waves

This show is experimental for me. I’m not an acrylics artist by training. As a graphic artist, I used Prisma Pencil, Marker, Watercolor, and Ink. Professionally, I did most of my illustrations at work on the computer, using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Acrylics are new for me, and so in this show, I’ve done a lot of experimental work, allowing myself to play with this medium. I’m particularly fond of ribbons, curly cues, circles and waves for this show. All of the pieces I’ve done for this show are expressive of healing. Healing, I find, comes in “waves”, hence the title for the show.

Two of the paintings I’ve done over the past year and which are going to be in my show have also made their appearance on the blog:

Some other pieces you may recognize from Facebook and Tumblr, will also be there:

I also have a series of Drip Paintings which I’ve done for this show. You’ll have to come see them, because I won’t show them here. Here is a Volcano Drip I did last spring, which I hope to show sometime this year. I have another drip painting displayed at a wine tasting gallery Scottsdale, and I really should ask David May, our fabulous art rep. and man of all trades, the name of this old town gallery, since he arranged to take it there.

Drip painting yellow over blue

The ones I’ve created for Healing Waves are a “Ghostbusters” Drip, a Sparkling Turquoise Drip, an Oatmeal Drip, and a Butterscotch Drip. I plan to do more–they’re very healing, because they’re mostly finger paintings, and finger painting is often used in art therapy.

In total, I’ll have close to 30 pieces hanging, of acylics, colored pencils, watercolors, and mixed media collages, and quite a few ceramics, mosaics and painted boxes on display. Plus, I have “refills” so feel free to purchase and walk away with the piece you want right away! I always have more pieces than I can show.

Other Art and Art Shows

I am not yet known as a acrylic painter. I am however known as a Judaica Artist and an Erotic Artist, under the name “Celeste”.  I will have several Judaica pieces in my Healing Waves show.

My Judaica is composed mostly of Chai’s, Hamsa’s, Mogen David’s and Menorahs, some of which you can see on my Facebook page, or may have seen in this blog’s December’s Art Show. Most pieces are done either in Watercolor, Prisma Pencil, or Cut paper Collage and they are all either 8.5 x 11 or smaller. I’m again, not putting pieces you’ll see at my show–you’ll just have to come visit me!

These two 8 x 8 Prisma Pencil pieces are a part of my Chai Series:

One of them I sold at The Nasty Women’s Show in January at The Grand Art Haus:

Belle Chai

Here is a Prisma Pencil and cut paper Hamsa which has sold quite a few prints:

Scan hamsa1

Here are a couple of my Mogen David’s, also done in Prisma pencil:

Finally, here is a sample Menorah:

Scan menorah

My Erotic Art is well known, as I was the Featured Artist at in February and March of 2008. I no longer participate in that sight, because it’s gone from erotic to pornographic over the years, and I no longer like it.  Instead, I now show my erotic art at Alwun House’s Exotic Show. This year I am showing these two pieces below, and Alwun House is open during Art Detour weekend (Friday March 17th-Sunday March 19th:

Purple Dick 1

Purple Dick has SOLD, but the second piece may still be available:

Red Lady

Red Lady, 12×12, Mixed Media Collage, $95

Here are a few more samples of my Erotic Art:

Scan erotic7

Eros was shown in 2012 at Alwun House’s Exotic Show. Almost all of my Erotic Art is in Prisma Pencil, and most pieces are a square 8×8.

Scan erotic9

Scan erotic8

Priapus in the Garden, shown at Alwun House’s 2013 Exotic Show.

Scan erotic5.jpg

Viva La Difference! was shown at Kinsey Institute’s Juried Art Show in 2011. They no longer have this annual erotic art exhibition.

Scan erotic2

Scan erotic1

Scan erotic4

Scan erotic6.jpg

This Russian Pussy Lady was shown at Alwun House in 2013. My Pussy Ladies are well liked, and so I’ve done many of them. I am currently working on a couple of new Ladies.

New City Studio Shows

As many of you know, I’ve been in New City Studio’s Peace Show, which got a wonderful write-up in The Arts Beacon. Here’s the piece I entered:

Ione Green Peace Hamsa in Frame

This piece also appeared in Shelley Whiting’s Arizona Artist a Day blog, Day 1. It’s called No Peace without Green Peace. It is part of my Judaica Collection, my Neo-Pop Art cut-paper, multi-media Hamsa collages.

In this month’s New City’s Odd Not Even show, I have:

unnamed 1

Schizophrenia, 8.5 x 11, Prisma Pencil

And in next month’s New City’s What’s Up World, I have my Save the Bees mixed media collage:


I hope to see you all during Third Friday and Art Detour!

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is to message me on Facebook.

Follow me on Google+.

See Healing Waves on Evensi.

View my portfolio at Behance. By Subject Matter.

Also view my portfolio at Dropr. By Mediums.


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