Featured Artist, April 2017

some photos2

Watercolorist and Pastel Artist Marsha Wright

By Ione Lewis and Marsha Wright

This month, I thought I’d introduce you to the award winning watercolorist and pastel artist, Marsha Wright of Mesa. Marsha was president of the Arizona Watercolor Association from 2003-2005, and president of Arizona Pastel Artists Association from 2002-2006. She is also an art teacher throughout various venues in metropolitan Phoenix.

She first moved to Arizona in 1999 when her late husband was transferred.  “I started art seriously in 1991 joining the Lakes Watercolor Association [in the Chicago area],” she says.  “I have taught art at Glendale Parks and Recreation, Beuf Community Center, Washington Senior Center, Gilbert Senior Center and Mesa Community College. I do in home tutoring also.”  Her classes are fun and very inexpensive.

Pastel Workshop Marsha gave for the Arizona Artists Guild last year, with her Demo Poppy for the class.

Here are photos of a pastel demonstration Marsha was invited to do for AAG and Shemer for the Phoenix Arts Festival in 2016:

And here is a pastel demo Marsha did for the Arizona State Fair last fall:

Marsha is a strong believer in studying directly from the masters.  In her Artist Biography, she says that she “has developed her unique style of painting over the years through self tutelage and numerous workshops with many acclaimed painters such as: Catherine Wilson Smith, John Dioszegi, Ratindra Das, Nancy Fortunato, Barbara Nechis, Cheng Khee Chee, Warren Taylor, Christopher Schink, George James, Stephen Quiller, Polly Hammet, Michael Schlichting, Arne Westerman, Terry Ludwig, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Gerald Brommer, Maggie Price and most recently with Alan Garn and Liz Kenyon.”  And it shows:

some watercolor paintings top1

Autumn Path

Two pastel paintings, Tranquil Marshland and Rocks in the Stream

She states that in ” Arizona she has exhibited, sold and won numerous prizes for her art work at the Saguaro Ranch Park yearly shows in Glendale, Arizona as well as with the Arizona Art Alliance shows every year.”

1st prize

First Prize for Pastel at the Arizona State Fair, Fall 2016

watercolor show3

1st Place Pastel, The Aviator, Arizona Pastel Artists Association, 2007

Marsha says “Ever since I became a full-time artist, my way of seeing the world changes daily.  I hope that my paintings will impart the gift of really seeing the world around us.  I want to share that vision with others.  I think to myself, ‘Wow, what a beautiful world around us!’   The miracles of life, in all its variety in every day things, are an endless supply of inspiration for me.   There are no ordinary moments.”

She has sold commissioned portraits of people and animals, floral paintings and landscapes in the course of the last 23 years to various facilities inclusive of Scenes of Arizona paintings in William M. Mercer’s office at 2325 E. Camelback, Phoenix.

Below are some of her Pastels.  Some of her favorite portrait models are cats, as she is a huge fan and and is committed to nurturing the ill among them.

pastel paintings 1

Bud’s Prize

Bagged Kiwi and Bubbles

pastel red rose

My Christmas Rose, 10×12

Here are more of her fabulous watercolors:

some watercolor paintings top 3

Study in Yellow

some watercolor paintings top2

Faith and Foam

more watercolor2

Hawaiian Surf  

some photos1

Tree Roots

more watercolor1

Water Lilly

Marsha can best be reached at:

Email: wrighthues@aol.com.

Follow her on Facebook, Marsha Wright. 

You can also find Marsha on Fine Art America, where you will find both her paintings and photography.

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