Spring Into Art!

As most of you know, Dani Fisher is our Featured Artisan for March/April 2017. She and I thought it would be a great idea of put some of the talented artists who show at Clayote Studios into a spring art show. Here are some of Clayote’s fabulous artists, in alphabetical order, from Z to A (yes, backwards, for a change):

Linda “Rainbow” Westlund

Westlund 1

westlund 2

Westlund 3

Westlund 4

Westlund 5

Linda’s Contact Information:

First, here’s Linda’s Bio:

Linda Westlund Bio

See her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindaRainbowWestlund/

. . . . .

The Flagstone Gal (Eve Smith)

Flagstone Gal 1

Flagstone Gal 2

Flagstone Gal 3

Flagstone Gal 4

Flagstone Gal 5


The Flagstone Gal’s Contact Information:

The Flagstone Gal: facebook.com/theflagstonegal

Tel: (928)379-2546

. . . . .

John Speaker

John Speaker 7 Icaros.jpg

John Speaker Green+Man.jpg

John Speaker 6 The Four Winds

John Speaker 5 Awakening

John Speaker SpaceJam

John’s Contact Information:

John’s Website: http://www.johnspeaker.com/

. . . . .

Steffan Powell

Stephan Powell 1

Steffan Powell 2

Steffan Powell 3

Steffan Powell 4

Steffan’s Contact Information:

Instagram: @howusa steffan Powell

. . . . .

Marlie Lightfield of Moonshine Crafts and Creations

Marlie Lightfield 5

Marlie Lightfield 6

Marlie Lightfield 3

Marlie lightfield 4

Marlie Lightfield 2

Marlie’s Contact Info:

Moonshine Crafts and Creations Bio

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Moonshine87/

. . . . .

Thomas Klemko of Wood Art Creations






Thomas Klemko’s Contact Information:

E-mail: tkklemko@gmail.com

Badgerland Decorating: http://badgerlanddecorating.weebly.com/

. . . . .

Delaney Marie Designs

clayote 1

Clayote 2

Clayote 3

Clayote 4

Clayote 5

Delaney Marie’s Contact Information:

E-mail: delaneymarie5@gmail.com

Phone: (928) 499-0186

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delaneymariedesigns/

Instagram: delaneymariedesigns

Twitter: @Laney_Girl

. . . . .

Jeff Daverman

Jeff 1

Jeff 2

Jeff 3

Jeff 5

Jeff 6

Jeff’s Contact Information:

Find Jeff at: http://www.neverbetter.com/about-infamous-network/

. . . . .

Samantha Belfeldsamantha-belfeld-3.jpg

Samantha Belfeld 6


Samantha Belfeld 8


Samantha’s Contact Information:

Fine Art By Samantha Belfeld 

. . . . .


I have lots of participants for January 2017. Very cool Paintings up top and wonderful Jewelry way down at the bottom of the page. All of it’s under-priced.

Tara Sharpe


“An Influential Charm (The Origin” , acrylic on cradled wood, 24″ x 36″, $700

Contact Tara at: tara@artelshow.com

Heather Frietas

Wasteland (24x48x1.5) is $2880 and Inhale and Exhale (both 16x40x1.5in) are $1600. Triptich.




Contact Heather at: https://www.facebook.com/artistheatherfreitas

Orlando Betancourt


SMOKE ON DEF, Marker and Ink, 8″x 10″, $100

Contact Orlando at DEF: https://www.facebook.com/betancourt171/.

Kyllan Maney


WaterGraphite on Map, 36″x 36″, $500

Contact Kyllan at: kyllanmaria777@gmail.com website: www.kyllanmaney.com

Joe Gonzalez


Phantom Feelings, 16×20, acrylic on canvas, $250


The Owls and the Eyes, 36″x 36″, acrylic on canvas, $300


Within Every Person, 24″ x 30″, Mixed media on canvas, $200

Contact Joe at: Joegonzalezart@gmail.com

Shelley Whiting


Spaghetti Trees, 36″ x 36″, Acrylic on canvas, $200

Shelley says, “The painting has spirit babies in the middle. PBS did an April Fools joke saying spaghetti came from trees.. People thought they were telling the truth.. For me spirituality is like spaghetti trees. Silly but also built on a kind of blind faith that isn’t entirely real. I will have more pictures in the series.”


Enigma 5


Enigma 6, both 36″ x 36″, Acrylic on Wood, $200 each

Shelley says, “The pictures are about Joseph Smith. He was an enigma, whether you are against him or for him. The masks are symbolizing his mystery. The background is like an old Charles Pearle painting, very traditional but classic looking.”

Shelley can be reached at: shellwhiting@yahoo.com.

Cindy Schnackle


HOOT, Acrylic on cradled panel, 12 x 12 in, $300

Done by invitation of photographer Connie Tucker for “Derivatives,” at Herberger Gallery, Arizona Center, East Van Buren between 3rd and 4th Streets, Phoenix AZ.

Contact Cindy at: ArtByCindy@Live.com

Nada Adnan


Proud of the Peacock, Approx. 40″x 35″, Acrylic on Canvas, $750


My Country in my Eyes, 16″ x 16″, Oil on Canvas, $450

Contact Nada at: Nnadaalrubaye@yahoo.com

David Paul


Midday Clouds, acrylic on canvas, 20″ X 20″ X 1.5″ $600.00 (you can see at Herberger Gallery).


Gray Skies Over the Buttes, acrylic on canvas, 18″ X 24″ X 1.5″, $600.00

Contact David at: david.paul1@cox.net.

Nikka Brooks-Cullum


  Introspective Gaze, Mixed media on canvas, 50x70cm, $200


Letting Go, Mixed media on wood Diptych, two 5×7 panels stacked, $50

Contact Nikka at:  bcnikka@gmail.com

James Hernandez


A Fixed Stare, 11″ x 22″, Acrylic and Chalk on wood, $250
Contact James at: jamesedwardpaints@yahoo.com.

And finally, here are two JEWELRY ARTISANS with some very underpriced jewelry!

Samuel Mayo of Ardapony


Brazilian Lapis heavy silver Ring: $95


Moroccan seam agate silver Earrings: $220

Contact Sam at: Ardapony@gmail.com.

Kyllan Maney


$25 Each

Available at Practical Art, see http://practical-art.com/

Contact Kyllan at: kyllanmaria777@gmail.com website: www.kyllanmaney.com

. . . . .


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